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Why choose Heritage?

There are many home watch and concierge services available in the Sarasota and Charlotte county areas. Here are a few reasons why you should consider Heritage Home Services, LLC:​


Both Dominic and Tony have been in the real estate industry for years as agents and brokers. They've managed rentals, investiment properties and were extremely successful. Dominic has also a great deal of experience in home improvement and construction.


Besides receiving our standard email notification prior to the home check, you will also receive a real-time notification via text message or phone call of our visit when we've arrived at your property. You will also receive a detailed report on each and every home check that includes photos. If there is any kind of damage found on your property, you will receive a full, detailed report as well as being notified immediately.

You will never have a stranger perform your home check. It will be either Dominic, Tony or Carrie that will be performing the check and you will be notified ahead of time.


Dominic is also a licensed handyman and is able to complete most any minor repair that doesn't require a licensed contractor. As a Heritage Home Services customer, you will receive a discount on these services as well. From changing locks to installing a home network, Heritage Home Services can handle just about any task.


Home Maintenance, Pressure Washing, Concierge, Airport Pickups, Computer Repair, Seasonal Opening/Closing, and more.  Experience the Heritage Home Services difference.

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