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Who We Are

Heritage Home Services, LLC is a family owned and operated company serving the North Port/Venice/Englewood/Port Charlotte, FL area. With a history in real estate, computer engineering, and remodeling, we believe that we offer a unique skill set ready to meet your needs.

We believe that a home service includes honesty and accountability. This is why every home watch comes with a full, detailed report, including photos and summaries. Why when we come out to your house, it will be a member of our family, not some random stranger who happened to have the time.


Dominic has been working in remodeling and construction since he was 13 years old and got his real estate license when he was 18. Following college, he worked as a broadcast engineer, server & network administrator, technical support advisor and trainer. From remodeling a kitchen to rebuilding a computer, Dominic has the skills & experience necessary to complete the task.

Carrie was raised on a farm in OH and has a college degree in clerical responsibilities. She has worked as a school secretary, administrator, house cleaner and home watch agent for years. She also keeps Dom on schedule. Together, Dom and Carrie have 4 beautiful children and absolutely love it.


Tony Garrisi (aka "Dad") was a Michigan Real Estate broker for over 30 years. Besides raising 4 kids and running a brokerage, Tony managed and maintained real estate properties, setup corporations and pastored a church. 

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