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Home Opening / Closing

Prepared for Summer, Ready for Winter

There is very little more stressful than wondering if you forgot to turn something off before leaving or getting mentally prepared to have to clean a house you should be relaxing in. 

Let us reduce some of that stress. Here are some of the services we include with Opening/Closing a house


  • Clean & Dust the House

  • Turn on water and electric and verify that everything is flowing

  • Turn on Hot Water tank and verify that the water is hot.

  • Turn on appliances and verify functionality.

  • Clean bathrooms and verify that toilets and drains are working.

  • Check for pests and insects.

  • Do a pre-arrival grocery shop and stock.

  • Run car to verify functionality (on request)


  • Drain toilets (on request)

  • Turn off appliances (on request)

  • Turn off hot water tank

  • Set A/C to appropriate temperature to prevent indoor mold from humidity.

  • Turn off water valves under sinks, toilets, etc (on request)

  • More options on request.

House Closing Checklist (Non-conclusive, fully customizable by request)

House Opening Checklist (Non-Conclusive, fully customizable by request)

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