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Home Watch

Always Prepared

Heritage Home Services is committed to providing you with peace of mind through offering a custom Home Watch plan that works that will suit your needs. Every Home Check includes a comprehensive evaluation of your home and surrounding property, including your garage, docks, etc.

We provide a detailed report, including photos, on every Home Check, as well as a real-time notification of the actual visit.


  • A/C checked for settings and operation

  • Check Appliances for proper operation, or, if turned off, we inspect for mildew

  • All faucets, including kitchen & bath, are run upon request.

  • Flush toilets to prevent dried gaskets and water rings as requested.

  • Inspect ceilings, doors and windows for leaks

  • Visual check for pests, rodents and insects.

  • Visual check of the exterior of home and property.

  • Check on the landscape, pool maintenance and pest control contractors.

Additional Services

From time to time, it may become necessary for someone to be present for deliveries to your home or services to be performed at your home. We will gladly provide service for yoru home during these appointments, including:

  • Furniture deliveries

  • Pest Control Services

  • Air Conditioning Service and Repairs

  • Pre-Return Grocery Shopping

  • Key-in Service

  • Drive your car while your away

  • Arrange for House Cleaning

  • And much, much more!

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